The Happiest Hour

The Happiest Hour is a mobile bar cart that specializes in weddings, parties, and events. They were in need of new branding for their business.

For this passion project, I created a mood board first. I was inspired to create a primary logo, secondary logos, and a brand mark. I also included some brand icons to pull it all together with a brand pattern. This pattern can be later used for packaging, social media, and even print designs such as business cards. Once I had the branding materials created, I brought it all together on a brand board for social media.

This project was actually inspired by The Brief Collective on Instagram. A family of designers all generate ideas for these briefs to stay creative, add to their portfolio, and share their love for design with others. I couldn’t miss an opportunity like this to participate and can’t wait to do more.

Like what you are seeing? Great, let’s work together!

The Happiest Hour Logo Design
The Happiest Hour Secondary Logo
The Happiest Hour Bar Menu
The Happiest Hour Brand Pattern
The Happiest Hour Brand Icons
The Happiest Hour Brand Icons